FAQ: Screenplay Editing

Everything you need to know about the screenplay editing service:

> Who are you?
> Where are you based?
> Can we talk on the phone?

> What is the editing process?
> Do you change dialogue?
> What editing program do you use?
> File formats?
> Do you accept non-US scripts?
> What are your business hours

> What are your prices?
> Can I try the service for free?
> What payment methods are accepted?
> Can I pay with a credit/debit card outside the U.S.?
> What are the payment terms?

> What sets you apart from other services?
> Do you gain rights over my work?
> What about confidentiality?
> Can you get my screenplay read by an agent?

Who are you?

I'm a repped screenwriter with two scripts in production. You can find me on IMDb.

I'm also a six-time quarter-finalist and semi-finalist for the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, the world's most prestigious screenplay competition.

Past semi-finalists include Michael Arndt ("Little Miss Sunshine"), Ava Duvernay ("Selma"), Damon Lindelof ("Lost"), Vince Gilligan ("Breaking Bad"), and Jon Spaihts ("Passengers").

Additionally, I have extensive experience as a freelance Script Reader for several production companies.

Where are you located?

New York City: the greatest place on earth!

What file formats do you accept?

PDF, Final Draft, Celtx, Highland, Rich Text Format, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. Final Draft and PDF are preferred. Whatever the format, I can probably work with it.

What is the editing process?

The main elements of the editing process:

* Formatting Check: Fixing formatting errors. Streamlining existing formatting to meet industry standard requirements and make the screenplay a quick and easy read.

* Editing extraneous description: Overwriting is one of the biggest issues I see and a surefire sign of an amateur writer. I rewrite/rephrase description lines to make them punchy and concise without compromising the story or characters.

* Language check: Review grammar, spelling, verb tense, consistency, clarity, repetition, redundancy and sentence structure.

Remember: a screenplay is a blueprint for a story, not a novel or an epic poem. The main goal is to tell your story in as few words as possible, which means cutting anything that isn't essential to the story/characters.

The story/characters etc are down to you, but I will make sure that your script is in the best possible professional shape for submission.

Do you change dialogue?

Dialogue is where the writer's unique voice shines through, so I don't really touch dialogue outside of checking spelling, grammar, and formatting

Of course, some dialogue is supposed to be grammatically incorrect (colloquial language, for example), so this will be preserved.

What program do you use to edit?

Final Draft, the industry standard screenplay software. I can return your edited script in any format you choose.

Do you accept non-US scripts?

Yes! I edit scripts from anywhere in the world so don't worry about the standard of English. By the time I've finished, your screenplay will look like the work of a native English speaker.

What are your business hours?

I'm never closed for business! Submit your screenplay at any time, day or night, 365 days a year, and I will have it done within the agreed timeframe.

What are your prices?

Please check the pricing page for a complete list of rates. For the quality of work you receive, I'm confident you won't find better value for money.

Can I talk with you on the phone?

Of course! Please feel free to call me.

What sets you apart from other screenplay editing services?

Unlike many other screenplay editors, I am an actual screenwriter with an agent, so I know all about screenplay structure, story, characters, dramatic conflict, and everything else related to the distinct discipline of screenwriting.

I also know how it feels to be a struggling screenwriter, dealing with rejection, anxiety, uncertainty, demotivation, and the tyranny of the blank page.

Through this experience, I have a burning desire to help fellow writers and the empathy, ability, and craftsmanship to make a huge difference to your screenplay.

Additionally, through my experience as a Script Reader, I know that agents, producers, studios/production companies appreciate tight, economical, easy-to-read screenplays; this insider knowledge gives me a unique advantage during the editing process.

Do you gain any rights over my work?

No. Copyright remains with you. My involvement is limited to editing your screenplay.

What about confidentiality?

This is of the utmost importance. Your work will always remain private and confidential, and I am willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Can I try your service for free?

Absolutely! To prove my work's quality and help you make a decision, I offer a no-obligation "try before you buy" service. Simply email me any three pages from your script, and I'll edit them for FREE. Send pages to:


What payment methods are accepted?

All Credit and debit cards are accepted via PayPal. You don't even need a Paypal account to make payment. I also accept Venmo, Zelle, and Google Pay.

Can I pay with a credit/debit card outside the U.S?

Absolutely! Paypal is available in most countries across the world.

What are the payment terms?

Full payment is required upfront.

Can you get an agent to read my screenplay?

To be clear: I offer editing services only. My job is to get your screenplay into the best possible professional condition. This won't guarantee that an agent will like your story, but it will give you a significant advantage over the millions of other writers who submit badly formatted, overwritten scripts.

You need to make your script stand out from the crowd, and one way to do that is to submit a professional, perfectly formatted, easy-to-read screenplay, and that's the service I provide.

If you have any other questions or queries, please don't hesitate to email or call.

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